SCA Resume: Lord Ihone Munro

Apprentice to Mistress Etain of Southerland

Member from 8/1994 – Current
aka Ian Munro of the Black Rose

I began my activity in the SCA after having been introduced to the Society by Sir Jason of Andover, founding Baron of Sacred Stone, while taking his classes at CPCC. My initial interests were based heavily around rapier and archery activity and I assisted in building up the rapier community by holding practices and gatherings in my home for several years. I did play on the Canton level initially, but ended up becoming more focused on a household basis while maintaining activity at events, finding comfort in the tree line.

I moved to Hawkwood in 1999, where I was introduced to the local group and became very active. Initially there were two other active rapier fighters, and we were able to assist the community growth over the next couple of years. It was at this point that I also began revisiting a lifelong passion within the Hard Arts, primarily woodworking and leatherwork.

During that time, I also assisted with founding of The Corsairium, a Chartered Guild focused on Nautical Studies and Privateering. I moved back to the Charlotte area in 2003 after sustaining a significant knee injury and was soon after married and had children, causing a decrease in activity for a couple of years.

When I returned with more regularity, I shifted my focus away from the field and into the A&S Activity with a renewed enthusiasm, primarily focusing on my leather work. In recent times, I’ve developed a stronger allergy to chemicals used in tanning leather that lead to rather painful blisters on the hands, so I’ve returned to a renewed focus on wood working. I’ve discovered a new passion in wood turning, so that is my current focus.

To this day, I strive to support our community of artists through the sponsoring, teaching and display of works that are both inspired by history and direct reproduction attempts.

Chartered Group Involvement

2019-2023, The Corsairium – Atlantian Nautical Guild, Admiral/Guild Leader
2019-Current, The Corsairium – War of the Wings Memorial Boat Maker
2002-Current, The Corsairium – Atlantian Nautical Guild, Founding Captain
2015-Current, Sacred Stone Cooks Guild – Member
2017-Current, Hobbyhorse and Pinwheel – Member

Event Staff Positions

2014–2018, 2021-2022, Event Website & Publications – War of the Wings (website, event brochure and print inserts)
2017, A&S Coordinator – Atlantian 12th Night
2017, Event Website – Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
2017, A&S Coordinator – Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
2016, Event Website – Atlantian 12th Night
2015, Event Website – Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
2015, A&S Coordinator – War of the Wings X
2015, A&S Coordinator – Flight of the Falcon
2002, Feastcrat – Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

Competitions Sponsored

2017, War of the Wings XII, Nautical Themed
2017, War of the Wings XII, Period Leather Work
2017, Sacred Stone Birthday, Period Leather Work
2017, Atlantian 12th Night, Cartography/Maps
2017, Atlantian 12th Night, Nautical Themed
2016, Atlantian 12th Night, Nautical Themed
2015, War of the Wings X, Made on site
2015, War of the Wings X, Nautical Themed
2014, War of the Wings IX, Nautical Themed

A&S Competition History

2022, Beyond the Salt, Period Containers (w)
2019, KASF, Persona Pentathalon (w)
2018, Yule Toy Tourney, Seasonal Inspired (w)
2017, Pennsic, A&S Champions War Point Competitor
2017, Pennsic, Known World A&S Display Participant
2017, Hawkwood Birthday, Period Masks (w)
2017, Spring Coronation, Hound & Hare Theme
2017, Gulf Wars, Champions Competition
2017, KASF, Baronial Champions Competition
2016, Magna Faire, 8 entries, 3 winning categories
2016, War of the Wings XI, Period Science Fair (w)
2016, War of the Wings XI, Baronial Pride Entry
2016, Sacred Stone Birthday, Best use of Phoenix
2016, SAAD X, Archery accessories (w)
2016, Hawkwood Birthday, Best use of hearts
2016, Tourney of the Dragon , Best Dragon (w)
2016, Ymir , Best Unconventional Backlog Scroll (w)
2016, Atlantian 12th Night , Best Scroll (w)
2015, Yule Toy Tourney, Best gold leather accessory
2015, Yule Toy Tourney , Embroidery on leather
2015, Hawkwood Birthday , Leather helm/gorget (w)
2015, Atlantian 12th Night, Leather masks
2014, Yule Toy Tourney, Best use of knotwork (w)
2013, Yule Toy Tourney, Sculpted/carved bracer
2013, Sacred Stone Birthday, Moroccan style leather work
2004, Hawkwood Investeture, Baronial pride
2002, Sacred Stone Birthday, Champions Competitions
2001, Blue Mountain, Carved Doll
2001, Labyrinth, Game Board

Sable, a fess wavy between an owl displayed and a turtle, all within a bordure argent.
Atlantian Order of Precidence

7/27/2001 Award of the Drakken Egg (Sacred Stone)
5/25/2002 Baronial Award of Excellence (Sacred Stone)
10/26/2002 Award of Arms (Atlantia)
10/30/2010 Honorary Citizen of Hawkwood (Hawkwood)
7/11/2015 Baronial Award of Excellence (Sacred Stone)
10/17/2015 Award of the Silver Wings of Hawkwood (Hawkwood)
2/13/2016 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia)
4/30/2016 Spark of the Phoenix (Sacred Stone)
6/18/2016 Companion of the Phoenix Eye (Sacred Stone)
6/18/2016 Award of the Flame of the Phoenix (Sacred Stone)
3/4/2017 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia)
6/17/2017 Companion of the Phoenix Heart (Sacred Stone)
8/10/2017 Spark of the Phoenix (Sacred Stone)
9/23/2017 Companion of the Pearl (Atlantia)
10/21/2017 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia)
5/18/2019 Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia)
10/15/2022 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia)
1/13/2024 Companion of the Sacred Stone (Sacred Stone)
1/27/2024 Golden Heart of Raven’s Cove (Raven’s Cove)
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2/2017–3/2018, Kingdom A&S Champion – Atlantia
2002-2004, Baronial Rapier Champion – Barony of Sacred Stone

Positions Held

3/2017–1/2019, Baronial Webminister – Barony of Sacred Stone
10/2013–Current, Guild Webminister – The Corsairium
2000-2002, Deputy Seneshal – Canton of Hawkwood
2017-Current, YAFA Leatherworking Mentor – Kingdom of Atlantia

Class Offerings

Treenware 101, Wood Turned Dishes
YAFA Leather, Div 1-3 Leather Class Mentor
Leather 101, Overview of leather and tools
Leather 102, How to use tools on veg tan
Leather 201, Advanced leather work techniques
Leather 202, Molding leather techniques
Pyrography 101, Basic pyrography techniques
Spun Rope, Spinning rope from twine
Mundane Cover Ups, Creative ways to hide modern eye sores