About Us

Who are the artists of Silverquill Studios? Simple. We’re a father and son duo always looking to keep things fresh and unique.


Out in the real world, folks know me by Glenn Miller – a UI/UX developer, ColdFusion Coder, graphic designer and geek extraordinaire. In the SCA though, folks know me as Lord Ihone Munro, an Atlantian Corsiar and artisan. The end result? Most everyone I know calls me Ian. I’ve been a maker since I can remember, and up until recent years people have known me mostly for my work with leather. I’ve developed an allergy to some of the chemicals used in the tanning process, so my sights are set on my other favorite past time – wood working. Looking for an SCA Resume? Click here.


Not just your every day Emo kid, Milo is currently a High School student and aspiring artist. For many years now, Milo has been studying and improving his skills in both traditional and digital art – but now he’s stepping foot in the shop as well. Milo has a great eye for form and shape, be sure to check out his work as he grows into a fantastic crafter.