Online Resources

August 1, 2022

Ok, so truth be told, I’m placing these here for myself as much as anyone looking for my documentation sources. I think if I start to archive my resources here, at least I’ll remember where I put them! Enjoy!

Online Books

  • The secrets of the reverend Maister Alexis of Piemont by Girolamo Ruscelli. OL25228326M
    Translated from French into English by William Ward
    Available for online reading, this was published in 1595. It’s a compendium of remedies, distillations, perfumes, dyes and much more. To read online through the Open Library, click here. 
  • Pliny’s Natural History in Thirty-Seven Books Translated by Dr Philemon Holland
    A rather thorough cmopendium from Rome, this particular translation is noted as being translated in 1601. It includes a vast amount of information on animals, plants and other scientific information of the time. There is a viewable pdf on Open Library
  • Original Treatises on the Arts of Painting by Mary Merrifield.
    Contains several references to pigments from the 15th century manuscripts of Jehan le Beague. To read online in Google Books, click here.